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Why us | FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk almost 40 years!

Bassoon shop | FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk is high-value business specialized in everything to do with bassoons.
Over 200 bassoons are passing through our premises every year, from minor repairs to complete upgrades.

We supply new bassoons, including children’s bassoons, bassoons for adults with small hands and of course contrabassoons. We always hold a stock of used bassoons from a range of manufacturers and qualities.
We also hire out bassoons.
We supply throughout the world via our web shop.

About Maarten Vonk worked as a professional bassoon and contra player with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, The Dutch Ballet Orchestra and the Schönberg Ensemble and a lot of other orchestras occasionally.
Playing on its own was not quite rewarding enough and, with a skilled pair of hands, things moved quickly and the official business was set up in 1981.
25 years later, in 2006, he celebrated his silver anniversary with the publication of “Een Mooie Bundel, praktisch handboek voor fagot”. The English translation appeared a year later, entitled “A Bundle of Joy, a practical handbook for the Bassoon”.

After many years of being a professional bassoon player, Maarten has a view to tracking down and solving all manner of intonation problems. Maarten is fully self-trained. This could be described as “doing lots of work and learning from your mistakes”. Annelies

Annelies Hoddenbagh and Maarten are maried ánd partners in | FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk VOF.
Where Maarten is responsible of the bassoon technics, Annelies takes care of the bookkeeping, the website and all orders.
For customer contacts she is the best.
If you call our company, you are quite likely to get her on the phone.


About repairs
Fagotatelier-maarten-vonk-werkplaatsA bassoon is a vulnerable instrument. If you feel to pay enough attention to it, you might end up facing serious problems.  It’s quite easy to undertake daily maintenance of the bassoon yourself, but sometimes it requires a bit more to be done to it. The keys wear away, causing rattles and maladjustment. The pads dry out and fail to seal, the wood will dry out, and so on. No surprise then that a bassoon in this condition does not play so well.

You will get a lot more from your bassoon with regular maintenance!

There were no training courses available in the Netherlands when Maarten started the repair of bassoons. In 2016 Maarten will start week- and day courses to help new colleagues to understand the ins and outs of the bassoon. Send a mail and just ask for the possibilities.


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