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Unfortunately this is not the real situation for most of the bassoon players but…
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Maarten Vonk

Maarten Vonk

My name is Maarten Vonk, founder and owner of | FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk.
I received my first bassoon lessons in 1969. After a technical education I went to the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. During my fourth year I started my professional career. I was asked to join the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. Later I played for the Netherlands Ballet Orchestra and the Schönberg Ensemble.

I gave up playing professionally in 1991. The combination of repairing bassoons and the orchestra work became too much.
Now, for almost 35 years, I have been a specialist bassoon repairman and I can teach you how to become the master of your bassoon.
There is so much to say about the bassoon and you can benefit from my experience!
This member website contains lots of information and handy instructions I have collected, piled up and stored in my grey cells for decades.
I am over 60 now and it feels good to pass on this bassoon information to the next generation.

This is what I’ll teach you

  • What is important to know about the cleaning and the maintenance of your bassoon
  • What is the influence of water in your instrument and how it can ruin the standing waves inside your bassoon
  • How you can improve the tuning of your bassoon
  • How to get better adjusted keys and better spring tension
  • How you can very easily check the air tightness of your bassoon
  • How to play the bassoon in a way you feel more comfortable with less tension in embouchure
  • How to play the bassoon with less tension in back, neck, shoulders and fingers
  • How to play better in tune with a better sound
  • What do you have to know about cork, felt and pads
  • What do you have to know about the reed and the bocal
  • What about the ergonomic problems with neck and seat strap
  • What about the tenons, cork or threads., bassoon information for members only.

Become a member and let me give you lots of information to get a much better understanding of your bassoon! With this information it is much easier to avoid and to solve all kinds of problems and to make the bassoon an extension of your own musicality.

With my long experiences I like to help you to overcome a lot of those problems. Some problems are in the instrument itself and some problems are connected to you as a player. Both situations will be spoken off in this membersite.

“Even professionals will be amazed”

What do I offer you

  • Every month new articles about technical issues like maintenance, the bocal, the keys, the springs, the pads, the wood, the bell ring, the rollers and all tools needed
  • Articles about ergonomically issues like painless and stressful playing
  • I’ll talk about sitting and standing with the bassoon, body mapping
  • Acoustical matters combined with intonation problems
  • Articles with new stuff like synthetic reeds by Légère or sound bridges like LefreQue
  • Every month new photo or video material and every month interesting offers
  • And more..

And this is what you get

  • A much better understanding of your bassoon
  • I’ll take you by the hand in locating problems
  • When you know the problem you can do something about it (or go to your repairman with a clear story)
  • Less panic when there is no repairman around
  • I’ll show you where to look for key noises or sticking keys
  • You can solve a lot of problems yourself and have major savings on the repairs
  • I’ll give you tips about ergonomic playing so you can save on physiotherapists
  • The wood will never rot after learning from these articles
  • The pads will last longer
  • Your reeds will last longer too

Extra 1:

As well as the insights, you’ll get a lot of practical tips and tricks about what you can do with your bassoon.

Extra 2:

You’ll get the opportunity to respond to every article and get personal advice for me.

Your price?

What is the value of this great knowledge? You might say “priceless”. And yes, in a way it is.

I have worked very hard for over 30 years to gain this knowledge.
Knowledge comes from trying, doing, reading, talking and
learning by making a lot of mistakes.
By sharing my knowledge with you, you are years ahead if you should do it in your own tempo!

Subscribe and receive my articles with interesting bassoon information every month.

Price is € 6,00 per month


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“Your Payback”

  • You’ll save on repairs!
  • You’ll save a lot of time spent playing on a poor instrument and at the same time add quality time on practicing and doing a better job with your bassoon!
  • You’ll save on special offers from!


I want my bassoon plays better

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