Bassoon Musketeers Forum

for Professional Technicians

We share everything about bassoons

Bassoon repair is something special 

compared with other wind instruments

Most all-round repairmen do a lot of instruments a year but only a small number of bassoons
The wood changes gives you problems and that makes the difference to bore and tone hole dimensions 

With this forum we offer you more information to your benefit and to the bassoonists world-wide.
With good information we all can be a better help for our bassoon customers.


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Only if we do the acceptance seriously we can guarantee a safe surrounding for our knowledge without leaking to unskilled people.
This forum is for repair technicians only and not visible for the members of the bassoonists forum


Repairmen and shops can offer and buy their bassoon supplies from eachother.

For instance; sells special bocal brushes and the Dutch Leg Support also to other shops.
What can you offer to your colleagues and the bassoon world?

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You can make your advertising on the professional technicians forum.

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You can make your advertising to the bassoonists forum

The Professional Technicians forum is free of use

B2B offerings and advertising in both fora will be also free but remember out of sight is out of mind.
A better solution with much more exposure is our moodboard.
That will cost you only € € 10.00 per issue per 6 month.
Contact the Round Table when you want to advertise.

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