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Bassoons FOR SALE

Bassoons are always available.
New and used bassoons in different qualities and prizes.

Adler Sonora, Fox, Heckel, Hüller, Mollenhauer, Moosmann, Gebr. Mönnig, Schreiber, Püchner, Walter, Yamaha

New bassoons

We always stock:
Adler Sonora; Jubilee model 1357/120 and the new Children’s bassoon type 1350.
Moosmann; model 100 MV and model 150.
Next to that we are exclusively dealer (and hold stock) for the new Fagonello and the children’s bassoons from Guntram Wolf.

Adler Sonora model 1357/120
This model is launched for the 120th anniversary of the Adler Sonora company. This model  equals the 1357/4 student model with a few changes. Two keys are missing, B-flat for the right ringfinger and the right thumb A-flat. Keys most people never use anyway. Besides that there is only one (low-bend) bocal and no hardshell case but a ROKO Gigbag. This makes a very interesting instrument for a very reasonable price. More information? Click here.

Adler Sonora 1350
This is the children’s model from Adler Sonora. Especialy designed for children as young as 8 years. This is a normal size, not transposing, bassoon playing down to low C.
There are just enough keys to play diatonic all scales. The tone holes distances are made for small hands. To save weight and costs the bassoon is equipped with a plexi-resonator as a bell. With the bassoon comes a lightweight ROKO gogbag. More information? Click here.

Moosmann 100 MV is the model we special order with some additional keys and features.
high -d key
E/F# trill key (also to use for high E-flat)
7 tubes protuding the bore to prevent water running out of the toneholes
complete silverplated keywork.
Note: The price is including these extra features. More information? Click here.

Moosmann 150
This is may be the best preforming bassoon in its range.
It has a very wide resonance sound and lovely flexibel playing.
This makes playing with vibrato so much easier. By it’s great resonance the bassoon has a very good projection. More information? Click here.

The new bassoontype Fagonello is completely new designed for children. The fagonello is a not tranposing instrument and has as the lowest note the C, like the C on the big bassoon. The fagonello is a small bass-instrument, the distance of the fingers is about the same as a alto-recorder and can be played by children by the age of 6/7 years.  More information? Click here.

Fagottino Quint and Quart
The fagottini made by Guntram Wolf are made in F, G and even in C one octave higher. We are selling the F and G instruments now for years and with an enormous succes. For the younster a possibillity to start playing bassoon at a very young age. More information? Click here.

Used bassoons

(Click here for a complete list of used bassoons available)

What should be your focus on buying a used bassoon.
One of the most important items is the condition in witch the bassoon is offered.
Specially on older bassoons and specially for cheaper bassoons.
An older bassoon has very likely the bnext problems:

dry wood
Wootrot at the bottom and A-flat hole
Cracks in the joint ends
Dry pads
Too loose joint ends
Too looose dry bocal cork
lost pads
lost corks and felt

As a rule we use; Eery ten years a general overhaul is needed to make sure the bassoon can preform as it meant to be.
A bassoon with a criterium as the list above will have a lot of resistance and a bad tuning. The sound is small and muffeled.
There is a big differences in between notes, one sounds like A the other like O.
Woodrot low in the butt joint makes a lot of resistance this costs a lot of enegie.
Don’t forget the rattling of the keys.
To make sure you like the bassoon it must have a general overhaul first.
With a general overhaul the bassoon will be brought back in the same conditio as when the bassoon left the company  for the first time.


By this general overhaul treatment the bassoon is like new again.
This is why FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk add to the overhaul a complete warranty!

One year free repairs if needed and after one year a free check-up!

(Click here for a complete list of used bassoons available)

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