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Guntram Wolf

Guntram Wolf, from Kronach, manufactures a wide range of woodwind instruments.

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Modern bassoons but also historical oboes, clarinets, classical and baroque bassoons and their predecessors.
The modern bassoons are made in several sizes:
The standard bassoons S 2000 and S 2000 Plus.
A fagottino in various configurations; a quart bassoon, a quint bassoon and even an octave bassoon.
The Contraforte is a completely new invention at the same pitch as the contrabassoon. However, the Contraforte can play from a whisper to a roar and its range easily runs an octave above the contrabassoon. This is a very special project that can be regarded as a great success. This Contraforte is developped by Wolf in combination with Benedikt Eppelsheim.

After the death of Guntram his son Peter is now in charge. Improving even more their instruments.
The bass oboe the Lupophone and the new Bassoforte, a bassoon in the with a low A in the same techniques as the Contraforte.


Wolf has great experience in manufacturing fagottinos, having started doing so in the 1980s. Nowadays, there is a fagottino for children that can also be supplied for adults looking for a special sound to play high solos, for instance in a wind ensemble. The small bassoons are also made of maple, with a hard rubber lining like the standard bassoons. The Wolf fagottino can be played with ordinary bassoon reeds and plays easily across the entire register with stable intonation (Fg 4 and Fg 5). Read more about this in “Bassoons for Children

Bassoon S 2000 / S 2000 plus

These bassoons are of professional quality and play clearly and evenly across the entire range. The maple wood used by Wolf to manufacture them has been matured for many years. Also wood turning and processing is done by computer-controlled machinery (CNC), which allows all of the dimensions to be achieved with great accuracy. The silver-plated keys have 7 rollers. The open finger holes are lined with hard rubber tubes that protrude slightly into the bore to prevent water ingress. The outer surface is beautifully lacquered in a matt synthetic finish. The S 2000 Plus is the same in principle as the S 2000, but using specially selected wood.

  • beautifully flamed maple (S 2000 Plus)
  • birds-eye maple for the S 2000 Plus V
  • also available in yew (S 2000 Plus E)kontaforte
  • a high e key is standard
  • other keys are available as options

The different types of timber give each instrument its own unique sound. Resonance is further improved by impregnation of the wood. All the keys without long rods are fitted with a by Wolf patented system to ensure that there will be no rattling noise, even if a key goes out of alignment!


This is an entirely novel development of a type of contrabassoon, born from a collaboration with Benedikt Eppelsheim and from Munich, Germany.
This is the contrabassoon that many players have dreamed about: a contra on which you can play more than four octaves using the same fingerings, which is rock solid and plays really easily across its entire register. The warm, full sound blends perfectly with other bassoons and other wind instruments (comparative research was undertaken by the Technical University of Dresden). The Wolf patent for silent keywork has also been applied to this instrument, which is also constructed entirely of wood. The Contraforte is played with extra-wide reeds, but can also be played with a “standard” contrabassoon reed, using an adapter on the bocal.
Contact: FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk

Guntram Wolf Holzblasinstrumente GmbH
Im Ziegelwinkel 13
96317 Kronach
Tel.: +49 9261 506 790
Fax: +49 9261 527 82



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