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Amati / Rodewald

Das Brummbärchen / The Grumpy young bear

“The grumpy young bear” is the name given to the children’s bassoon developed by the Amati company in conjunction with master craftsman Gerwin Rodewald. It’s called after a composition by Julius Fučik entitled “The Bear with a Sore Head”.

The unusual feature of this bassoon is that the long joint can be swapped to adapt the instrument to the child. You can use the lightweight long joint for smaller children; this takes the range down to bottom C and the bassoon then weighs just 2.1 kg (centre in the photo). The instrument is tuned in C, just like the standard bassoon, which does away with any problems of transposition. A specially angled bocal reduces the distance between the reed and the thumb-rest, so that the child does not have to stretch his or her right arm so far.

At a later stage, the lightweight long joint can be swapped for the standard version, taking the instrument down to low Bb, and converting the bassoon to encompass its full tonal range (right on the photo). This combination is mostly used in music schools, but the lightweight and standard versions can also be supplied individually.

As a comparison, the photo shows, on the left, a quart bassoon by Wolf for children aged 6 and over.

Many pupils are now playing on this model from the age of seven, as its light weight, child-friendly mechanism and easy attack make them enthusiastic about playing the bassoon.
Numerous prizes have already been won at regional and provincial level within the German “Young Musicians” competition.
Parents are also happy with a bassoon at an unparalleled price, which imposes less of a financial burden on them.

Contact: FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk

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