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Anti Spam Policy | FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk sends free tips, tricks and techniques via e-mail after a subscriber is “double opt-in” confirmed. In addition | FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk will offer own products via e-mail and through the site en for Dutch

We put high importance to the regulations concerning electronic mailings and the privacy law. So we try to avoid spam at all times.

What is spam?

Spam is defined as: A large amount of mail sent to recipients who not explicitly requested them. All e-mails in this volume are concerning content, broadly similar and often contain advertising for products, political thinking and / or propaganda. Also the frequent sending of the same e-mail  to a recipient who has not explicitly requested, falls under spamming. (This applies to both consumers and businesses) | FagotAtelier Maarten Vonk will never use the data for other purposes and will never sell any of the provided data. Each subscriber always has  the opportunity to unsubscribe, free and easy at all times by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the e-mail.

Each subscriber has to confirm “double opt-in”

When someone signs up for our newsletter, it still has to be activated by clicking an activation link that is automatically sent after registration. This way it will be prevented that somebody will be placed on the mailing list unwanted.

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