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The bassoon expert in The Netherlands

38 + 

Years of experience

1000 +

Sold bassoons

200 +

Annual repairs and maintenances 

4000 +

Sold Dutch Leg Supports

  • 37+ years of experience exclusively on bassoons
  • Former professional (contra)bassoon player
  • Repair and maintenance on all bassoon brands
  • An extended webshop with everything for the bassoon is the expert in:

  • Acoustic improvements
    LefreQue, tone hole and bore issues, bocal issues, Joy-Key

  • Technical improvements
    Changing key positioning for small or big hands, adding keys, LCBearings

  • Ergonomic improvements
    Bocal bending,  The Dutch Leg Support 

  • Voicing
    The adjustment of tone holes and key heights to get a more eveness in sound, intonation and resistance is helping you to perform at a higher level with more ease.

used bassoons for sale

Heckel 6314

This bassoon is completely restored. New varnish, new silver plating and a huge update on the bore for a great modern sound.

Hifh D and high E.

A great professional bassoon

€ 24,000,-

Heckel  4958

This bassoon is is a small bore instrument with a flat top long joint. The sound is very good and intonation is much better than you would expect. A great instrument for chamber music


Heckel 105xx 

This bassoon is played by the solo bassoon of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in The Netherlands until his retirement It is a proven very good bassoon. It has lots of rollers and is in a perfect condition!

€ 38.000,-

Heckel 4578

Heckel with the famous Enzo Mucceti system. Half French/half German. Also called World System. The keys were mistreated by a former repairman but the sound is really good


more used bassoons for sale

Buffet Crampon

Professional instrument in perfect condition with a wide choise on bocals


Adler Sonora 1357/120

Jubileum model in very good condition.
It comes with a Roko gigbag and a Dutch Leg Support



Buffet Crampon Contrabass in Ebb
This instrument is made in 1911 and in a really museum quatlity. It plays very easy and has a great tone and intonation


Contrabassoon by Adler Sonora

Adler SonoThsi instrument has a C bell and an A bell. It comes with a flight case and a gigbag


100% satisfaction guaranteed!

We sell all bassoons with our famous maximum guarantee: 

1 year maintenance ánd after 1 year a solid check-up FOR FREE!

We will go on for some more years but it is time for passing on my knowledge to the new generation. 
I'll help allround repair (wo)men, or starting repair (wo)men, to get a better understanding with the special bassoon issues.


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