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  • 40 years of experience exclusively on bassoons
  • Former professional (contra)bassoon player
  • Repair and maintenance on all bassoon brands
  • An extended web shop with everything for the bassoon

Used bassoons for sale


Heckel 70xx

This bassoon is sold by the second owner. who was my first teacher. It is built in 1930 and it still has its original varnish. sound and intonation are great. Very unique feature is the original A Bell and the accompanying keys on the bass joint.
So there the instrument has a B-flat bell and the A bell!

€ 28.000


Heckel 37xx

This Heckel is built in 1893 and is in a perfect condition. the standard pitch is 438 Hz. (with a short bocal you can play 440 Hz).
This is the perfect instrument for period instrument players who wants to play music from around the turn of the century 

The keys are modernized (not very nice)


Heckel 105xx (1962)

This bassoon is played by the solo bassoon of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in The Netherlands until his retirement. It is a proven very good bassoon. It has lots of rollers and is in a perfect condition! Complete new varnish and silver plated.

€ 42.000 is the expert in:

  • Acoustic improvements
    LefreQue, tone hole and bore issues, bocal issues, Joy-Key

  • Technical improvements
    Changing key positioning for small or big hands, adding keys,
    LCBearings (once adjusted never key noises again)

  • Ergonomic improvements
    Bocal bending for short or tall people,
    The Dutch Leg Support by Maarten Vonk

  • Voicing
    The adjustment of tone holes and key heights to get a more evenness in sound, intonation and resistance is helping you to perform at a higher level with more ease.

more used bassoons

Heckel 99xx

I am selling it from the first owner how got it in 1956. original varnish. it has a high d and a high e key. A great sound and intonation. A beauty to play while it sings by itself.

€ 32.000
Heckel -255

Heckel 4255

Very nice instrument from 1901.

Period instrument players watch out. This is nice.  

Flat top and proper key system. with whisper key.


Fox Renard 240D

A very good bassoon for the advanced player who overgrew of his/her student bassoon.

The number is 17120 was made in 1991

€ 7.000

Product pricing tables


Schrieber 22766 ( (1982) 

Model 5016. Simple student model with high d. An older instrument but what you see is what you get. A reasonable instrument for a resonant price.
€ 4.000

Schreiber 21097 (1977)

Advanced model Schreiber bassoon model 5031. Good looking and a stable intonation and sound.

Schreiber 4292

An early by Schreiber. I used this for renting out. It works and it is good for starters. Stable sound and good condition.
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It is time for passing on my knowledge to the new generation. 
I'll help allround repair (wo)men, or starting repair (wo)men, to get a better understanding with the special bassoon issues. 

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